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General FAQs

Why not just hire a full-time designer or developer?

That’s an excellent question! There are several factors to consider when it comes to hiring a full-time designer. Firstly, the cost of employing a senior-level designer on an annual basis can surpass $80,000, and that’s excluding benefits. Senior developers are generally $120,000 or more per annum.

Furthermore, finding available designers with the desired skill set can be challenging. There may be periods where you don’t have enough consistent workload to justify a full-time designer, leading to paying for time not used. The subscription includes design and development work which provides you with the resources required to design the product you need and developing it. 

Our pricing model operates on a monthly plan, offering the flexibility to pause and resume your subscription whenever necessary. This ensures that you only pay for the time when you have work available for the team. This way, you can optimize your costs and allocate internal resources efficiently.

Can you explain your subscription in more detail?

Consider this scenario: Instead of hiring a full-time web developer or designer and assigning them all your tasks and projects, we offer an alternative approach. We provide you with access to skilled and experienced designers and developers. This means that you’ll have experts dedicated to each specific task or project, ensuring high-quality results.

Unlike a single hire, our team takes on your requests one by one, focusing on delivering excellent outcomes. With Revyved Unlimited, you’ll enjoy the convenience of monthly flat rates without any hidden fees or long-term contracts. This transparent pricing structure provides you with cost certainty and flexibility, allowing you to focus on your projects without worrying about unexpected expenses.

Can I pause or cancel the subscription?

We recognize that your design needs may vary, and you may not always require a continuous flow of work throughout the entire month. If you find yourself with only a few design requests at the moment, our subscription service offers a convenient pause feature.

When you subscribe, our billing cycles are structured around a 30-day period. Let’s say you sign up and utilize our services for 20 days but then decide to pause your subscription. In this case, the billing cycle will be temporarily paused as well. You will still have 10 remaining days of service that can be used at any time in the future when you have more design requests to fulfill. This way, you have the flexibility to control when and how you utilize your remaining service days, ensuring that you make the most of your subscription.

Who are the designers and developers?

Revyved Unlimited comprises of an agency of four. The founder and main contact on all subscriptions has worked in design, development and operations for over 25 years. He is supported by 2 developers and a designer/content creator who has combined design/development experience of more than 40 years. Our subscriptions offer boosts that can add additional resources to increased the number of requests to be worked on concurrently.

Which programs/platforms do you use?

We’use the following core applications:

  • Graphic Design – Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Canva
  • UI/UX Design – Figma, Adobe XD
  • Presentation Design – PowerPoint, Google Slides, Canva
  • Development – WordPress (Divi & Elementor), WebFlow
  • Development languages – HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP
  • Integrations – MailChimp
  • Learning/Training – Kajabi
Do you offer any refunds in case I don’t like the service?

We strive to deliver an exceptional service experience and stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If, for any reason, our talents have invested working hours that did not meet your expectations, we will make every effort to rectify the situation and ensure your satisfaction.

Similar to hiring an in-house employee, requesting a refund for the first month’s salary is not standard practice when the working relationship does not align as expected. Just as with personal relationships, sometimes it becomes apparent early on that we may not be the right fit for each other. We highly recommend scheduling a call with us before committing to our service to ensure that we are the right partner for your specific needs.

In summary, while we do not offer a money-back guarantee, we are committed to resolving any issues and providing you with the best possible service experience. Our goal is to establish a successful and mutually beneficial partnership with our clients.

Workflow FAQs

What types of tasks and projects can be requested?

A request is any design or development task that you want us to do. It can be a small task like a Facebook post design or tasks like a landing page design or a more complex website redesign and rebuild project.

Tasks or projects can include design of logos and branding, brand guides, wireframes, stationery, pitch or slide decks, infographics, brochures, signage and billboards, trade show banners, email graphics, social media graphics, digital ads and banners, business cards, sales collateral, packaging design, blog graphics, icons, illustrations, book covers, training manuals, and more. Requests can also include development of websites, landing pages, SEO setup, Directus apps, and more.

How many requests can I have?

All requests are added under the ‘To Do’ status in the requests workflow. You can add any amount of requests to this ‘To Do’ list. The team will select the task or request at the top of your list and move the task to the ‘In Progress’ status. We will work on 1-2 of your requests at a time. Once we have completed the first draft of a design or development task, we will move it to the ‘Approval Required’ status where you can review the work.

What is the response time for processing my request?

Most requests will be completed in two days or less. More complex requests can take longer. You have complete control over what gets priority and you can move what we should work on next to the top of your requests list. 

How do I add a new request or project?

When we add you as a subscription client, we will send you a link to your request list or board. Every time you have a task or project for us, you can add a new task to your ‘To Do’ list. We will check the queue every day and the top 1-2 tasks will be worked on.  

You can fill up the ‘To Do’ list with multiple tasks in ascending priority so that the team can continue to the next request once we are done or a task we worked on is awaiting approval from you.

How do I communicate with the designer or developer?

A lot of teams communicate using Slack or Microsoft Teams, however we’ve experienced that information gets lost in chats and emails. Communication can quickly become messy and not within context of the original request. We prefer to keep all communication in one board within our project management tool, ClickUp. All tasks are organized on your requests board and we’ll communicate within the task comments so that everybody knows what we are talking about and comments can be tracked.

What if I only have a single specific request?

That’s works too. we can complete your request and then you can pause your subscription and activate it again when you have more design or development needs. You don’t need to waste your subscription if you do not have enough work at the time.

I don’t like the work you’ve done, now what?

Whenever you are not completely satisfied we’ll revise the design or continue to work on the task until you’re satisfied. We strive for you being 100% satisfied with every request we complete. 

However, as. they say, stuff happens. Designers or developers can get sick and not be able to work, or we can misunderstood the requirement and work in the wrong direction. If this happens we will make sure the make up for any lost time and add additional hours or resources to get the task completed to your specification.